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Wellington International Management Company Pte Ltd

Wellington International Management Company Pte Ltd

Wellington Management’s Singapore office was opened in 1996.

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Full Description

Wellington Management focuses on doing one thing well: We manage assets for institutions located around the world. We are not lenders or underwriters. Our expertise is investment management, and we focus our full resources on meeting the needs of our clients.

Independent, Proprietary Research
We are known for the depth and breadth of our research. Our analysts focus on uncovering differentiated, moneymaking ideas for our clients by taking varied analytical approaches or by being early to anticipate changes in companies, securities, sectors, and investor opinions.
Many of our analysts have made research a career path, and many also manage portfolios in their areas of expertise.

Portfolio Management
Our clients' assets are managed by highly experienced professionals who focus on specific investment approaches, each with a well-articulated investment philosophy and process. Together, these approaches span the global equity, fixed income, currency, and commodity markets, including multi-strategy, specialty, and alternative investment approaches. Collaboration among individuals and teams is a hallmark of our organization and helps us to make even better informed investment decisions.
Portfolios are managed in a number of ways: by individual portfolio managers or teams of managers; by a group of research analysts; or by a combination of these structures. We do not have a chief investment officer. Instead, our firm is organized as a collection of teams — each functioning as an entrepreneurial entity within an established organization that provides it with global research, investment and business resources, and stability.



8 Marina Boulevard, #03-01 Tower 1, Marina Bay Financial Centre Singapore 018981

Telephone Number:

+65 6534 5115